French interpreters in afghanistan what counts

Afghan ex-interpreters lobby for visas to France

The French government has failed to deliver on a promise to reexamine the visa applications of dozens of Afghans who worked with the French military and claim they face danger at home, their representatives claimed at a protest on Sunday. About 20 others are set to file suit in the next few weeks.

french interpreters in afghanistan what counts

Top French court orders review of …. A few months later, in November, Oryakhail was targeted as he was speaking with a Nato patrol going through the village. Afghanistan has discouraged these schemes. German troops have now withdrawn from the Kundus region, leaving it under the control of the Afghan National Army and Afghan police.

french interpreters in afghanistan what counts

Munich babysitters wanted. Nine of them then appealed to the Council of State, France's highest court.

french interpreters in afghanistan what counts

The Tagesschau programme said that some workers were forced to change addresses daily and did not feel safe to go to university. Today, as a result of all the resentment that has built up as the situation in the country has gone downhill, former interpreters are hated by many.

Germany gives Afghan interpreters asylum

Soldiers had complained the screening process to leave the country was taking too long. Terms of use Privacy policy Manage consent.

french interpreters in afghanistan what counts

More than two-thirds of those visas have gone to Afghans, about 48,000 of whom have been relocated to the US, though reportedly 17,000 to 19,000 are still waiting for an answer.

When he first heard about the interpreters, he thought of the Harkis, the Algerians who fought for the French army during the Algerian war of independence from 1954-1962, who were left behind when France left. German word of the day: Prior to this, the government had previously only granted locals who assist the German army sanctuary in exceptional cases, state broadcaster ARD reported.

french interpreters in afghanistan what counts

As French troops gradually pull out of Afghanistan, those who served as their interpreters are losing their jobs. What to read next.

Desperate Afghan translators still knocking on France’s door

Popular articles Prepare for Brexit: After reviewing about 800 visa applications from Afghans that had been employed by the French army — the vast majority of them interpreters — the French authorities recently approved visas for 70 of them , as well as their immediate family members. UK, US block interpreters' asylum Interpreters who have worked for other countries involved in the war in Afghanistan have also faced difficulty in relocating.

Chinese in Germany: A British parliamentary committee last year found Britain had "dismally failed" to look after 7,000 former Afghan staff.