How many us citizens are millionaires upper

how many us citizens are millionaires upper

Again, up at these net worth goals statistics are hazier. A brief aside: Try the net worth bracket post. There are larger gaps between datapoints, and some very high net worth survey responses drop from the public set.

Here’s how many millionaires there are in the U.S.

Yes, the only thing it is removing is the value of a primary home minus any debt secured by a primary home. Roughly 125,981 households have the top. The survey tackled that, too. Additionally, all data includes the value of any primary home.

A record number of Americans are now millionaires, new study shows

Reversing those, you get the 93. Your research is outstanding! Getting Started. Pack, and Jeffrey P. There is a big gap between 10 million dollars and 50 or 25.

Net Worth Percentile Calculator for the United States in 2017

Thank you. Another reason is that Americans tend to be aspirational by default.

how many us citizens are millionaires upper

Data is from the 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances , first released publicly in 2017. So, how is that useful? A note on accuracy: From the article: Are the numbers higher or lower than you suspected?

how many us citizens are millionaires upper

Also a couple further questions about the data sets: I think that including the primary home skews it of course. Millionaires as Middle Class? Yes, no trickery here I promise. Featured on: The survey data includes a warning: Now a million is just a pretty nice retirement nest egg.

how many us citizens are millionaires upper