How to build washers game box

How to Make the Game Washers - Great for the Summer!

Be sure to go slow and steady so that the wood does not splinter. If a washer that is left on the box gets knocked into a hole by a succeeding player's washer, the original washer gets the points for going in the hole.

Repeat to build a second box. Trim excess chain as needed, using wire cutters.

How To Build A Washers Game

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Tips If you do not have the time or money to create a washer board, simply bury a cup, jar or can into the ground and clear a playing area around it. Draw a line down the center of each plywood playing surface, parallel to the long sides of the box. Tap the U-bolt with a hammer to make depressions in the wood, making the locations for drilling the bolt holes.

Build Your Own Washers Game

Do this in the same order in which you test-assembled the pieces. Please hang out with me awhile and check it out! Chrysler History 1924-2019 Read more. Share 1.

how to build washers game box

Time to Play! Please check your email for further instructions. I'd paint the box before applying PVC and carpet. Gather Materials.

how to build washers game box

Complete each cutout with a jigsaw, inserting the blade into the starter hole to begin the cut. Cindy Hopper. Thanks for making this available"... Flip over. Others prefer to arc the washer high and end over end with a bit of backspin to try and coax it into the hole like a basketball.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Use a nailgun to secure the piece of plywood to my square. Cut the plywood once you have measured the shape. Position a U-bolt at the center of the end frame piece on each box, using the end that's farthest away from the target holes.

how to build washers game box

CH Chuck Huffman Dec 19, 2016. A washer game set includes two wooden boxes connected by a 12-foot-long chain. Set the Can. Read More.

how to build washers game box