How to clean metal nail tools

This step kills any leftover pathogens on the tool, making it safe for you to use on your next client.

How To Clean Nail Clippers At Home Properly & Prevent Bacteria From Spreading

For tabletops and electrical equipment, wipe down the surface with a damp towel to remove visible debris. This ensures that the buffer is completely dry.

Pro Salon Nail Tools Sterilizer Pot,yesfor com

This is not a wise move! Help answer questions Learn more. In a small bowl, soak your scrub brush in rubbing alcohol for five minutes so the bristles absorb the alcohol. When using a bead sterilizer, glass beads can sometimes stick to your clippers. This will remove any loose bits of gunk or buildup from your clippers.

how to clean metal nail tools

For a thick, foam-cushioned buffer, hold it between two clean towels and press out the moisture. Method 2. Dry the tools with a clean or disposable towel, or allow them to air dry by placing them on a clean towel and covering them with another clean towel.

how to clean metal nail tools

Be careful, these will be extremely hot. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. If you get your clippers wet while wiping, be sure they are completely dry before sterilizing, especially with a bead sterilizer. Using a clean scrub brush and liquid soap, scrub implements and abrasives until all visible debris is removed. Wait the time proscribed for full disinfecting.

How to Properly Sanitize and Disinfect Implements

SteriShoe shared that "fungal spores can live on all kinds of surfaces for months β€” including metal toenail clippers. Airtight containers or zipper bags promote the growth of bacteria, and are therefore inadequate for storing clean implements.

how to clean metal nail tools

Add a small squirt of antibacterial soap onto your alcohol-coated scrub brush , and scrub your clippers in small circles until completely cleaned. Learn more... After you finish wiping your clippers, you should wash or throw away your rag or paper towel to prevent the potential spread of bacteria or micro-organisms.

how to clean metal nail tools

The disinfectant you'll be using will be very strong, so plastic containers might not hold up well to it.