How to hard step irons

When the 712 MB's finally hit the market, I would be looking to upgrade and was wondering if anyone could suggest why Tour pros would be doing this with their shafts. If my step was softer, maybe it would have lived.

how to hard step irons

Many golfers like 1" over standard. It shouldn't be hard for you to find a buyer for those clubs.

how to hard step irons

I'm kind of in the middle here, it's ok for me since at times I can get too quick at the top, so I'll swing it for a few minutes periodically to keep my rhythm in check. If the flight is too low, we can increase the launch and spin and potential have more carry.

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Soft Stepping and Hard Stepping Iron Shaft Sets

The Mizuno Exsar graphite stiff shafts that are currently in them are to dead feeling and they are also too stiff for my liking. Off into my bag I went and pulled out a new sleeve of Number 4's.

how to hard step irons

No worries. This practice applies to sets of shafts that are produced with specific designs and lengths for each iron in the set. Feel will be how the shaft loads before impact and upon impact. So I pulled the hardstepped ones and bought the right lengths for the rest. G'day, I am a 5 marker and have been playing the 710 MB's for some time now and love them.

Stepping the Shaft - Please Explain

Sign In. But it doesn't stop there, shafts are made longer than what they will be used, so after you put the wrong shaft in the club, you then cut to length. Ultimately I think it has more to do with what you personally feel when you swing a particular shaft.

how to hard step irons

We'd love to have you! I have to really come down hard on the ball to get the results I want out of them.

how to hard step irons

Posted March 12, 2018. I'll try to answer these two with brief explanations. I've been wanting to try a flex that is a little softer than the DG S-300, but from what I have read, the Nippons play a little softer than the DGs.