How to install lotr bfme 1 maps

How to install a map on BFME. (Como instalar mapas no BFME) tutorial

So how would you do it? First off, thanks for replying...

how to install lotr bfme 1 maps

Please Wait... Well, when I download the map from online... For this map, there are only 2 files in the folder right from the start: I tried all 4 possibilities with the 2 files and the 2 folders...

How to Install Maps

Thank you very much... Please see if it works for you... GameReplays Site News.

how to install lotr bfme 1 maps

I put both downloaded files custom map files in the "MAPS" folder and it doesn't work, meaning the map does NOT show up in any of the map listings while playing the game not singleplayer nor multiplayer... It finally works!

how to install lotr bfme 1 maps

I'm going crazy here... I don't know what you use to decompress the. I downloaded the folder from the internet, and then I extracted the entire folder's contents to the exact location you gave me... And Thanks a lot. It's pretty random from my experience when downloading maps from the net IMG: I tried everything...

Hey guys!

how to install lotr bfme 1 maps

Glad to hear! That is all there is...