How to make a doll head pattern

Your head is complete!

The 22 Best Doll Sewing Patterns

This is a wonderful tutorial and thank you!! The result is a more two-dimensional doll with flat, paper-doll-like clothes. You will start by tying a length of string across the center of the head, forming your eyeline.

how to make a doll head pattern

Sponsored links. Plus, it has a tiny belly button! To prevent tears at laundry time, make a few loveys so you can rotate them!

how to make a doll head pattern

Fit the crown of the head and pin the hem. I only had 4 little boys at the time and longed to make them soft, cuddly dolls to be their best friends.

Making a Waldorf Doll – part 1 (head)

Sewing Tips. These little loveys have a star-like shape and a gnome hat. She's a unicorn princess!

how to make a doll head pattern

Danish Style Rag Doll Pattern. Living in a small town in South Africa, it is difficult to buy books and material.

Basic doll / Head

One day when I was sorting and cleaning toys, I had come across a doll that was approximately the same size as the child I held in my arms. Perhaps something to do with placement of eyes and nose? You will be rolling it to be a little larger than a golf ball.

They're comforting to little ones because they're easy to cuddle with.

How to Make A Round 3D Doll Head

Your little superhero will love this doll, especially when they help customize it with fun fabric choices! Posable Felt Dollhouse Doll Pattern. Waldorf dolls have shaped faces, achieved by creating a wool base with a knit fabric over the top.