How to make bracelets with water bottles

Tell us more about it? Glue the starting end, then every few wraps of the fabric with the first way, then glue the finishing end.

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Method 1. Sand down the edges if needed.

how to make bracelets with water bottles

Allow a small overlap as well as the size of the bangle, to allow you to wrap it over onto the outer side. Once everything is dry, you can either trim the fabric to the shape of your bracelet, or tuck the excess fabric over the edges of the bracelet to make it a bit smoother and glue in place. Allow to dry fully before wearing the bangle.

how to make bracelets with water bottles

December 20, 2013 at 11: Help answer questions Learn more. Just like these resin bracelets made from dried flowers , unique bracelets are a terrific way to showcase your personality or creativity but have you ever thought of making bracelets from plastic water bottles?

She Cut Her Water Bottle on Placed It Next to an Iron. What She Created Looks Awesome!

Alicia says: Wrap the foil paper piece around the outside of the bangle, folding it inside. This simple craft idea is a great way for your wee ones to put those empty plastic water bottles to….

how to make bracelets with water bottles

Otherwise, consider gluing or sewing on beads, buttons, jewelry pieces, feathers, etc. Cut as many of these plastic bangles as you want from the bottle. Add decorative elements if liked.

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how to make bracelets with water bottles

You could glue on a piece of leather in a line, zigzag formation or as a series of designs. Hold the bangle by the edges as you do this. Adjust any areas which seem to be missing micro beads if needed, using the sealant as adhesive. Depending on the height of your bottle, you should be able to get about three bracelets from each bottle.