How to make gang hooks for trout

Common Trout Fishing Mistakes

It's simple and it's effective. Furthermore—although there's no doubt that continual practice, and study of the habits and habitats of these fascinating creatures, will result in ongoing improvements in an angler's skill, success, and enjoyment—there's no reason why a complete novice, using relatively inexpensive equipment and after only a day or two spent learning basic techniques, can't start right in catching trout.

Therefore, if your bait is consistently landing a foot away from the spot you're aiming for, it may well be eyed by many fish but taken by very few. And since that piece of equipment should be limber as well as lengthy—both to allow you to play the fish with greater control and to give you the spring needed to flip a tiny worm through the air—the best choice is likely a fly rod equipped with a simple, inexpensive fly-fishing reel which will generally do little more than hold the line in this sort of angling.

The Art of Worming for Trout

Fishing Starter Kit. Since almost every step of the successful worm angler's technique has as its underlying purpose the need to avoid alarming the trout, it stands to reason that tackle choice becomes more critical as we reach the equipment that'll actually be in the water with the fish.

how to make gang hooks for trout

Remember, too, that fishing can provide a rare and wonderful chance to study the ecology of a fascinating watery world. By keeping your silhouette as low as possible successful trout fisherfolk often resort to walking in a crouch or on their knees—or even crawling—to stay out of that window of visibility , you can often get quite close to a fish without alerting it to your presence. Now, to make a two-hook gang see the worm gang-tying diagram in the image gallery , take a pair of pliers or wirecutters and snip the eye of the hook that'll form the bottom of your wormholder.

Our fishing hooks are most notably used as trout fishing hooks or for drift fishing in a river or stream for many other fresshwater fish species.

how to make gang hooks for trout

There are probably any number of ways to cast that wiggler, but the easiest—and often most useful—method to learn is done with a simple sidearm motion.

If the water is moving at all, we will have to attach our split shot sinkers as well.

How to Tie a Gang Hook Rig

This also prevents your line from becoming twisted and worn out. Gang Hooks. For example, buy 10 packages of whatever size gang hook bait rigs and we will send you one extra package for free for a total of 11 in that size.

how to make gang hooks for trout

If anyone is not able to fully understand the explanation, or if anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and the video below outlines how to attach a set of gang hooks to your fishing line.

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How to use Gang Hooks

However, although fly fishing is both enjoyable to participate in and beautiful to watch and should certainly be attempted by anybody who finds pleasure in angling , "worming" can, when done properly, be every bit as challenging as fishing with artificial flies and often a dang sight more productive. It is called "drift fishing" and is our go to river fishing technique.

Let the adhesive dry, and then—using fine "worm-colored" thread—wrap the shanks of the hooks to the line, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. Fishing Articles. As JRW used to say, " If you're not getting snagged, you're not fishing in the right place " What has just been described is a typical river fishing scenario where we usually use gang hooks and live worms to catch rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, or even walleye.

Gang Hooks. Fishing Starter Kit.

how to make gang hooks for trout

Try little no more than 2 inches long red wigglers, putting the forward hook at the head of the worm—preferably right below the collar—and the rear one just far enough down to keep the wiggler from balling itself up, but leaving at least a bit of the tail free.

Cut a 10-inch length of monofilament line from a filler spool to use as a leader. Lastly, not using the elements—nature, the weather, the moon—to your advantage when fishing can be costly. As mentioned above, this form of fishing is often called drift fishing and it is how we prefer to fish with gang hooks.

Remember, we want our live bait usually a live worm to bounce across the bottom, so we don't want to use too much weight that we get hung up each time we cast. Whether you're walking in the water or on shore, go slowly and—as you approach a likely spot—stand still for a few minutes before actually casting your worm.