How to make mala beads bracelets

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How to Make a Mala Bracelet in 4 Simple Steps

Traditionally, a mala has 108 beads, but you can use factors of 108, such as 18, 27, 36, or 54, to make a shorter mala that can be worn as a bracelet. So what is that fancy Guru bead all about anyways? Supplies for Creating Malas Before you begin crafting your mala, make sure you have the following supplies ready: This bead will not be used in counting during your intention recital and should never be passed over when reciting more than 1 round 108 mantras.

Make a stretch elastic bracelet - best tips!

The 8 extra beads are also said to be an offering to God or Guru. I used the Wwarovski ones for this point because they have larger holes.

how to make mala beads bracelets

Step 3: Just thread it through the top with the needle and let it become a part of the tassel. If you look closely, under the elephant you can see the knot there I tied off the beaded threads after threading all beads and looping through the tassel before bringing it back through the patterned bead to knot it off.

Add in accent beads, like the small Swarovski ones I used, and make a pattern with a few different types of stones, or add on a tassel from the end of one of your strands of beads for a little extra flair. Using your thumb and middle finger, hold on to the bead and spin it while stating your mantra.

DIY Malas: How to Make a Meditation Mala Necklace

After stringing the bead on the cord, grab both ends and tie them together with a few knots. Once that was complete, I gave each end of the mala about 4-6 inches of thread before cutting any extra thread off.

how to make mala beads bracelets

Earthly desires: When one wears their mala, it is a reminder of your intensions every time you look at it all day long. Reply Cancel. Learn the core elements of meditation through one of our meditation retreats guided by Deepak Chopra and other world-renowned teachers. By creating a special mala necklace or bracelet worn directly on the skin, you can keep the energetic properties of the beads close to you.

You will need a small piece of card board.

What is a Mala? How do I make one?

I did the same with the remaining tie from finishing the tassel. Necklace malas are typically used for longer mantra repetitions. Because I picked up a bag of pattern printed beads, I laid out a pattern and made sure I had 108 beads. Japa meditation involves the reciting of a mantra that may be recited softly or quietly in the mind. Move to the next bead and repeat.

how to make mala beads bracelets

Jump to navigation. Bad Gabby. In fact, mala jewelry has become a physical symbol of spirituality worn proudly around the necks and wrists of spiritual devotees.

Continue this repetition for 108 more times.