How to play flute chords

Open the "mouth" and bring the flute to your hand. You will know when they are too tight, because the corners of your mouth will become tired and sore.

Tested By:. It also has a hole at the tip. Not normal for European style flutes. Holding the flute. This is one of the most important part of playing the flute well! Your stomach is going to stick out, but this is the correct way to breathe.

how to play flute chords

Learn how to blow into your flute. Print out some blank flute fingering charts and use a pencil to darken the keys you would depress for each note. Do one piece until you learn it, or at most learn 2-3 pieces at a time.

how to play flute chords

As you gain more knowledge, the best way to advance your skills is to take private flute lessons. For example, aim to perfect the transition from a B to an A note.

Skip the next key and then place you middle finger down on 2. Reading music can help though, and if you read music or want to learn, free sheet music for many Celtic and other early European folk tunes can be had at The Session site.

how to play flute chords

Same as the right hand, shake it out and let it drop naturally to the side. Aug 25, 2017. Take deep breaths, not just shallow ones! I basically want to say that the flute is very nice and I love the sound it gives when played. Remember where your thumb landed naturally? Hold the end of the foot joint and then do a twist and push motion, and the foot joint should slide right on!

Just drop me a note at billymiller at swva dot net. Join 91 other followers Sign me up! Use a fingering chart to help you learn where to place your fingers for each note. Never give up.

Flute Basics

First put the foot joint on by holding the barrel of the flute. Follow the suggestions above and it will be an enriching process to increase your knowledge and flute abilities.

Then grab the tenon and the bottom of the foot joint and twist and pull. If you don't and then try to play faster music, it will be very hard. Always lift it by cradling the round part of it's body in your hands.