How to read a zodiac chart

how to read a zodiac chart

Your Chart Ruler, on the other hand, is essentially the planet that rules the sign your Ascendant is in. It goes retrograde each year for around 140 days. On a piece of paper, make a list of the ten planets in your chart nad note what sign they are in. Do not worry about these.

how to read a zodiac chart

Less likely but still possible are changes of signs with the Sun and other planets they may be on a cusp. Note the house sizes: This vibrant celestial body represents our ego, sense of self, basic personality, and general preferences.

how to read a zodiac chart

The sign shows the characteristics that come through your personality and life experiences. Together these planets make up the bulk of your inner and outer personality. Interpret your planets using your houses and signs.

Read A Birth Chart

Journeys found in the ninth house are both physical and metaphorical. Whether you actually follow through on your promises to read more books and get more sleep in the new year or leave your New Year's resolution behind by. This is counterintuitive because on a regular map the left side shows west.

Find the Horizon.

Birth Charts 101: An Astrology Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Planets

For example, if your birth place is Dallas, Texas, try entering "Dallas" only. The unique placement of the planets in the houses is determined by your rising sign , also known as your ascendant.

how to read a zodiac chart

Within astrology, the moon represents our emotional inner world. Personal planets include the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, and mars. It's always wise to keep data anonymous by using an initial or pet name in the name field.

how to read a zodiac chart

The second having to do with our values, and so on. WM Wihiria Mark Oct 25, 2017. For instance, if your natal moon is in sensitive Cancer in the seventh house, the house that represents committed partnerships, your emotional happiness may be very connected to your relationships.

Could you tell me the name of a good astrology book I can get if I want to learn more about this subject?

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

This will show you your Zodiac sign. Your first house has a large impact on your personality. Jupiter is represented by a symbol that looks something like the number 4. The proper terminology is as follows: Feel free to use whichever system you prefer.

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