How to remove mini blind slats

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how to remove mini blind slats

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Pull out all the broken and damaged slats you want to replace. I then used the mangled blinds as the supply source to repair mini blinds in two other rooms.

Things You'll Need Scissors.

The Ridiculously Easy Way to Fix Broken Mini Blinds

RP Richard Parrott Jul 5, 2017. EC Elaine C. Finally, replace the rail plugs before hanging the adjusted mini-blinds. Warnings Make sure that you don't lose the plugs while you're working, otherwise you won't be able to close up the bottom rail.

I don't know why I didn't look here first!

how to remove mini blind slats

Make sure that all 3 are securely in position, and then hang the adjusted mini-blind in the window. Mark the first slat to be removed with a marker or pen. You might want to consider just buying another. I pulled up this article and was quite surprised how easy it really is.

Especially considering at the time of that notice, we had, you guessed it, three broken mini blinds. I read a different article first and was so confused.

You can always use them to replace any slats that are damaged over the years.

how to remove mini blind slats

To learn how to measure the height of the window the mini-blinds will hang in, keep reading! Save the removed blind slats in a safe place.

how to remove mini blind slats

While it is possible to shorten mini-blinds while they are hanging in a window, simply eye-balling the length, laying the blinds on a flat surface makes it easier to apply exact measurements and is often a much quicker process. L Louisa Jan 8, 2017. We live in an apartment, like a bajillion other people, so every window comes pre-installed with white mini-blinds.

how to remove mini blind slats

Replace the rail plugs.