How to set time machine backup schedule

That may be the problem. Time Machine is the built-in application in macOS that automates the process of backing up your data to an external drive.

Customize Time Machine Backups With Your Own Schedule

Unknown key for integer: Now our admin asked to reduce the backups to once per day instead of every hour to reduce the traffic between the server and all the macs. I think that you need to do a restart of the Mac to have this happen?

how to set time machine backup schedule

Perhaps the connection between Time Machine and Dropbox is what is slowing things down. Just as with the defaults write commands, you can adjust the backup interval, but perhaps most useful is the ability to skip backups between scheduled times.

There are actually two versions of TimeMachineScheduler that are available.

how to set time machine backup schedule

By default, Time Machine creates the following backups:. October 20, 2015 at 9: So I am excluding them from the hourly time machine setup as they change every minute, it hogs the disk space. Flo says: Name required.

how to set time machine backup schedule

Be Sociable, Share this! Do you start and complete backups manually? Can you write an article on this feature and what happens to it after a portable is attached to Time Machine and has finished backing up.

how to set time machine backup schedule

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Change the Time Machine Backup Schedule

As a MacBook pro owner there is I found out last week a hidden file that portable Macs use to back up when not attached to Time Machine. This is great if you use your machine for disk-heavy work, like maybe movie editing, and yet still want your backups as regular as possible. If I could configure the backup to run each evening that would be great.

I like other features of the time machines.

how to set time machine backup schedule

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