How to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

Rubbed out, the tobacco still feels a bit stiff the oiliness again.

how to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

I will refer back often. My experience was very different - proving once again that everybody's palate is quite different.

The Latakia aroma is light and subdued. Most highly recommended for relaxed indoor smoking. Slightly nutty, and very cocoa-esque, one would never know there was Latakia involved.

how to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

The worst part was the morning after taste if you smoke this before going to bed... It truly taste's like I'm smoking a chocolate milkshake. Not overly sweet, but still with the tang of Virginias.

I dry and rub out SG Chocolate flake and it smokes great, tastes great, doesnt bite. It sort of reminded me of a milder version of Dunhill's Nightcap. Intriguing blend, this stuff, a chimerical oddity that is difficult to describe and categorize.

Samuel Gawith: Mayor's Chocolate Flake 50g

Before I can ply flame, however, there are notes to be taken. The Lakeland world is a real smoking experience. Is the former so fine it clogs the draw?

how to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

The beautiful, dark flakes are covered with them... A whiff reveals a bit of cocoa aroma, with full virginias underneath. Make sure that you leave a little space between the tobacco and the rim.

how to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

This is the kind of tobacco that you have to be calm around, or it will get ugly fast. Knead using very little pressure. Both are high quality tobaccos and I can now appreciate the 3-4 star reviews each has garnered.

how to smoke pipe tobacco flakes chocolate

Carolina Similar in character to Virginia, but not as rich in flavor. The cocoa is more subtle and less sweet than Bob's Chocolate Flake, which also has a more predominent cocoa aroma before smoking.

This is however a great tobacco... The flavor is as pleasurable as the room note. I really meant that part for beginners that are new to flakes. I shall soldier on through the tin.