How to spot fake polo black perfume

Fake Polo Perfume: 5 Questions to Verify if Your Bottle is Original or Not

Check quality of printing — size - positioning and look for embossing if applicable. Watch for itchiness, blemishes and rashes. Part 2 Quiz Where does the barcode appear on an authentic perfume package?

how to spot fake polo black perfume

I'm wondering if this Fracas De Robert Piguet I purchased in a flea market is authentic or a knockoff. Check overall quality — thickness - clarity — moulding marks — air bubbles within the glass. Although this isn't always indicative of the quality of the perfume, if it's really cheap for the "brand" it claims to be, then it's likely to be too good to be true and it isn't the real perfume. For instance, if a certain perfume is intended for India, its price would be much lower than if it is intended for Europe.

There are many signs that show if a Polo perfume is real or not — and with the help of these questions you will be able to correctly guess 9 out of 10 fake Polo perfumes. The only difference is the lack of an official package.


Department stores are always the safest way to buy perfume, as you have the advantage of being able to closely examine the bottle in its packaging and talking to the retail staff. How do I tell if my perfume is real by the color of the bottle? Authentic perfumes have had a lot of work put into creating the different notes in the perfume. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Also, you should pay attention to the fact that there are a lot of original perfumes without an official package on the market.

Are these real or fake?

how to spot fake polo black perfume

Perfumes are a luxury product. What's on your mind? Make sure the seller is PayPal verified as this means they had to disclose their contact information. Polo is a fragrance from Ralph Lauren.

how to spot fake polo black perfume

Francis Kurkdjian — a master perfumer, an artist, an inspiration 14 Oct, 2014. Ask the seller for a picture of the box that shows the batch and serial numbers. Alternatively, drop into a local department store and test against one of their testers on display. Aromatic Cedar — the story within the story. Edit Related wikiHows.

How to find out whether a perfume is fake or original

Counterfeiters of perfume have become masters of their crime with the aid of modern digital imaging and printing techniques. If possible, be sure to ask for a tester from the bottle. Fake Polo Perfume: