How to use the norwex dusting mitt

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how to use the norwex dusting mitt

Enter the Norwex Dusting Mitt. The plush Norwex microfiber actually likes to have room to work.

Dusting Mitt Instructions

Tanya, thank you so much for writing this tip! I HATE vacuuming or sweeping stairs. Who knows how they can get so dirty!! Here are a few simple tips to try when dusting with your Norwex mitt: My Norwex consultant just told me that this mitt works great for window screens. Be sure to ask me for details!

Norwex Dusting Mitt – Review

Just a simple wipe down. Your email address will not be published. I find this very effective for wiping down hardwood stairs too. This is because you are not coating your furniture with sprays that attract dust to it.

When you use the Norwex Dusting Mitt, you are leaving nothing behind, and over time, you need to dust less often than before. We have a special deal to offer on the Enviro cloth, window cloth, dusting mitt trio!

how to use the norwex dusting mitt

Trackbacks […] few rooms. Would you like to actually decrease how often you need to dust?

how to use the norwex dusting mitt

But they seem to stay cleaner longer when cleaned with Norwex! Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy a cleaner, greener, safer home! Wet your Norwex Dusting Mitt , ring it out, put it on your hand, and wipe down both sides of your window screen.

how to use the norwex dusting mitt

If you start to notice that your mitt is not picking up as effectively, it may be time to boil it in a kettle of water for 12 minutes to let it release the oily residues that are hindering its static charge.

What happened the last time you dusted? Super simple and eco-friendly!

how to use the norwex dusting mitt

You are here: Follow on Instagram. This feature is fantastic for anybody with joint stiffness or soreness arthritis. Norwex Consultant FAQ.