Learn how to use excel for finance

Wrap up your scattered knowledge in Excel with easy and structured way.

Free Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Tutorial for Finance

Thank you very much this has been an eye opener for me, great job. This course is suitable for anybody needing to rapidly improve their Excel skills. You'll enjoy it way more.

learn how to use excel for finance

Good for beginners to make your financial modeling and valuation techniques superior. I will definitely take the opportunity to participate in other CFI courses as the material is presented in such an easy and digestive way that even those with very basic skills will immensely benefit from the training. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Excel Crash Course for Finance Professionals - FREE - Corporate Finance Institute

Simplified and relevant to basic financial analysis through excel. Thank you by denis ndonga. This course provided me with certain knowledge related to MS excel. All free, I really enjoyed this.

Guide To Excel For Finance

Excel Crash course by ashutosh singh. Already had the raw learning but. The excel review skills were very useful and truly refreshing. Overall outstanding.

learn how to use excel for finance

It is a very nice and worthwhile course, I recommend for anyone and everybody..... The course was intense,I've learn a lot of new short cut in excel which I believe will make me more flexible in dealing with excel.

learn how to use excel for finance

Get Quicker, Faster. Concepts focused on were relevant to finance and examples used were as well. I have not taken it, but if this course is any indication of whats in store - you will NOT be disappointed.

learn how to use excel for finance

For people in a finance profession, it is necessary to understand and learn excel spreadsheets thoroughly, which is an indispensable tool.