Lyrics how you like being stoned

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lyrics how you like being stoned

This girl doesn't do that stuff, and sometimes he wishes she did it with him, asking her "don't you wanna go down? It's pretty clear here what he means. Inject down into the vein and let the river of blood flow and take it away.

lyrics how you like being stoned

And being truly in love is a lot like being all smacked out. Edit Wiki. Lyrics powered by LyricFind.

lyrics how you like being stoned

General Comment The disgraced cosmonaut is a reference to Major Tom. General Comment "Sometimes I want to take you down Sometimes I want to get you low Brush your hair back from your eyes Take you down let the river flow Sometimes I go and walk the street Behind the green sheet of glass A million miles below their feet A million miles, a million miles" This song is full of deep metaphors. Sometimes "he walks the street behind of green sheet of glass" refers to him walking around while high and feeling completely separated from all the hustle and bustle around him.

"Low" lyrics

Ribbity ; in addition to, here's my opinion on the next line; "Just one rose and knows your name" poppy looks like a rose kind of, and most are red. Incorrect Password. Rate These Lyrics. Flag LaughingLynx on September 30, 2011. Sometimes I want to take you down...... Behind the green sheet of glass....

Cracker — Low. Why not add your own? Low is found on the album Virgin Years.

Low by Cracker (Lyrics)

Sometimes I walk the street....