Paleo plantains chips whole 30

Here is the past week in running:.

Healthy Homemade Plantain Chips (Paleo)

Try to keep them away from any fruit as that might cause them to soften. You are here: Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have the time, they are super easy to make and might just replace your favorite store bought kind! I set it on the smallest setting to get a thin slice that will bake nicely.

paleo plantains chips whole 30

Slice plantains into thin slices and coat in coconut oil. Lisa's Tips I love my mandoline and have used it for years. Definitely ready for grilling season!

paleo plantains chips whole 30

Hello and welcome to Downshiftology! I made these the the other day and they were a little bit soggy when I tried them the next day. Last year, I went through how I make homemade plantain chips , and I still pretty much use this same recipe.

Is slow even a feeling? Rotate once or twice to cook evenly. I am also loving my heart rate monitor!

paleo plantains chips whole 30

Ripe plantains taste like a firmer less sweet version of banana and I eat them ripe almost every day. Maybe it was a bit too much oil.

Go-To Homemade Plantain Chips

The perfect gluten-free crunch! Just kidding. So fun! Next grease the parchment paper with avocado oil — this helps the plantains not stick to the pan. How would you suggest storing these?