Professionals may break confidentiality when doing research

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professionals may break confidentiality when doing research

Siegler M. Med J Aust 2001; 174: But what do you do if you observe something or hear something that gives you cause for concern?

Sharing patient information between professionals: confidentiality and ethics

The case studies are part of a larger unpublished study on confidentiality issues conducted in 2001 by one of us E C M with ethical approval from the Social and Behavioural Sciences Research Ethics Committee of the Flinders University of South Australia. His assumption was that I was just ready to trust him and feel okay about what he was doing, but I'm not that kind of person; I'm very sceptical.

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professionals may break confidentiality when doing research

Article type. The doctors and the pathology company involved in Ms Z's care might offer similar arguments to those offered by Mr Y's treating team, but they do not withstand scrutiny. It benefits patients by providing a secure environment in which they are most likely to seek medical care and to give a full and frank account of their illness when they do;. Bioethics for clinicians: We explore here the ethical implications of a number of relatively mundane cases in which information about patients was disclosed without the patient's consent, for reasons related primarily to the patient's best interests.

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Last Name. I wasn't sure of how he did it — obviously the second doctor was able to tap into the files of the company that did the tests.

professionals may break confidentiality when doing research

Routine and apparently uncontroversial releases of information can be perceived as problematic by patients. You need to make sure that participants are clear of the limits of confidentiality in your project, and plan for the unexpected, in as much as you can.

professionals may break confidentiality when doing research

Author's surname. The unit staff responsible for Mr Y's care can offer at least two arguments in defence of their conduct. Home Sitemap Ethics Principles Acknowledgements. See our section on limits of confidentiality: Team meetings and case conferences are important quality assurance mechanisms, and their impact can be felt beyond the patient being discussed.

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Building ethics into the research design

The nurse will come back and say, "At the meeting the doctor said this. Responses are now closed for this article. Aust Health Rev 1992; 15:

professionals may break confidentiality when doing research