Secular rappers who got saved

Filling The Void In Secular Hip Hop

Her breakup with Colonel Moustapha and her brief stint of hits afterwards were there for all too see. She got married to photographer Victor Peace and has since gone back to her gospel roots, admitting that she was brought up in a Christian background but had been blowing hot and cold. But a series of brushes with death led him into an exploration of spirituality in the 1970s, and in 1977, he converted to Islam and changed his name.

secular rappers who got saved

Many assumed that she had once again schooled gospel artistes on how to write good songs to praise God while others speculated that she might have gotten saved. I realized one day that I was just listening to my emotions over truth and wanted to write a song from that place of being drowned in emotion and feelings. The line that he was buying the alcohol for friends quickly unravelled when he was caught out on different occasions enjoying a pint. His wife seems to have had her way.

secular rappers who got saved

Purchase or stream here. She took a break to work on her business, which did not pan out. He saw the light and switched to gospel going ahead to release songs that topped the charts with his albums been lauded as some of the most well produced gospel hip-hop albums of all time. Apparently, Jesus was just as tough to work for as Puff Daddy; by 2004, he was back in the game, and after displaying some mild Christian overtones on his third album, Welcome Back , he went straight back to his Harlem World -era hoodie persona and even tried to hook up with the sin-soaked G-Unit crew.

The cross over: 14 artists who have made the switch between secular to gospel

During the time Namtero changed tune and saw the light, she also got married to a Tanzanian evangelist-turned-prophet Hebron Kisamo and released her first single Taa ya Miguu Yangu last year. Related Articles. Kinja is in read-only mode. Then there is the oft-repeated belief by most people that these artistes go gospel in search of fame and money, after all, the gospel industry is perceived to be more lucrative.

secular rappers who got saved

The well-known controversial musician has done what this paper predicted he would: Accusations of dishonesty and ulterior motives have been a thorn in the flesh of secular artistes who become born again.

Collo got born again and released Bazokizo, in which he features singer Bruz Newton, the song and dance did well, even winning them the coveted Groove Award. The Root Very Smart Brothas. Tags audience deals decline lyrical message passion rhymes rhyming secular struggles void. Dusty Marshall — Oh God ft.

The life of a secular recording artist, he felt, was not in harmony with the ideals of the Koran, and the money he had accumulated during his brief but spectacular career needed to be put to use founding Islamic schools.

While other artists were content with […]. With a number of blockbusters already […]. Her first gospel song was Sio Mwisho, which was released in 2013 and she also collaborated with Jimmy Gait for the song Appointment. The duo broke up and Bamboo left for the United States where his family lives. Worse yet, even if it results in the death of everything they have ever known, still their rhymes reflect a greater message which glorifies the greatest — God.

When Wahu released her beautiful song Sifa late last year, she got tongues wagging. As she opened up, she confessed to a life of depression, dissatisfaction and unhappiness, beneath that seemingly happy showbiz life.

But one of the rising personalities in Christian-influenced Hip-Hop today is also garnering much popular acclaim since his album, Rebel, became the first Christian Rap album to be in the No.