Strangerland ending what happened to lily

I'll never get those 2 hours of my life back! Initially it all looks promising - it's handsomely produced, filmed in a spectacularly remote small town, with excellent supporting roles, from Hugo Weaving to the young kids.

strangerland ending what happened to lily

First off, the acting is superb. Hugo Weaving is in the mix too; he is a cop. Time is running out on survival in the desert. Finally, the ending is no ending at all.


Do we blame? We see sweeping views of the harsh and beautiful desert, and again hear a voice-over of the girl's haunting poetry. Filter by Rating: You 're looking for Oscars hot takes?

The cinematography of the outback is both beautiful and bleak and aids the story tremendously in providing the vast, unforgiving backdrop, in a literal sense, for the missing children and, more figuratively, for the emotional terrain of the parents. Dozens of people pitch in to comb over the desert in hopes of finding the kids. Film Title: The direction, woeful.

strangerland ending what happened to lily

Politics Bulldozers sit idle at border amid legal confusion over Trump's emergency. Other actions just also didn't make sense. Young Australian performer Meyne Wyatt is also worthy of a mention in his role as young Aboriginal local Burtie.

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The couple makes a report to the police, and soon the whole town is aware of their situation. This definitely wasn't a "feel good" movie.

strangerland ending what happened to lily

A sandstorm hits town and covers everyone in red soot.