What are the responsibilities of a coach

They always maintain a professional distance.

Module 1: Roles and responsibilities of a sports coach

South Peace Volleyball Club Roles, responsibilities and characteristics of a good volleyball coach. They should not snap at the players when they are doing their best as this will not positively improve the situation.

Good coaches do not reach a level of excellence over night. The insurance would then cover the coach so he was not responsible for any injury if he can prove evidence that the training programme was tailored to the individual and suitable for their needs.

The role of a coach..

The more experienced and superior coaches will be better at the basics than novice coaches, and be able to correct and improve a players performance in the least intrusive manner. Coaches are expected to work to a code of practice so that performers can achieve the potential. Some of these responsibilities are clear-cut, others less so. The occupation of coaching may now seem a daunting task as there is so many separate requirements and requests being made on the coach.


They are unselfish and caring of each individual. The technical knowledge and other occupational requirements are important and they are the qualities instantly analyzed when observing a coach. See organisation website.

what are the responsibilities of a coach

Players are human and will occasionally adopt a laid back approach to training and at times to matches. Players need to undergo a learning process and every individual learns at a different rate no matter what level of effort the player puts in.

The Role of the Sports Coach

This role is crucial for the team to develop its potential but at the same time very challenging in a society where many people in leadership positions are hesitant to instill discipline. This leads to the possibility that some players will approach the coach with questions and queries about all kinds of issues.

what are the responsibilities of a coach

Guidelines for coaching practice. A coach could be liable if evidence can show that normal standards and practices have not been followed.

what are the responsibilities of a coach

This could include:. Therefore, you can see that it is a very difficult task and requires a very special person. The younger the player the more impressionable they are. As well as helping them with the specific sport, it is likely you will be coaching the person too, therefore you need a good understanding of the coaching environment.

Sports coach: job description

In relation to sports, the role of the coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating the athletes. Coaches should:. Coaches should have appropriate insurance that covers both public liability and personal accidents. Interaction with parents — Effective coaches communicate their philosophy, goals, expectations and procedures supported by a strong and convincing rationale.

Neglect providing inadequate food Emotional abuse being threatened or taunted Sexual abuse being shown pornographic material Physical abuse hitting Coaches should be able to recognise indicators that may signify abuse and take appropriate action.

A good coach should do a full health and safety check of the surroundings and participants before any activity starts. Coach's Legal Responsibilities Coaches need to be aware of their legal responsibilities, especially with respect to the advice they give their athletes and the way they manage and supervise participation in sport.