What do baby silkies eating

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what do baby silkies eating

Aug 3, 2013 Post 6 of 15. Other than that, these birds have relatively few requirements. All Rights Reserved.

what do baby silkies eating

You should feed them twice a day or allow them access to food all day. Did this article help you? In the winter, however, they may not get enough. If the hen refuses to leave its eggs or if it acts aggressively when you approach its nest, it means that it is brooding. However it is important to check them over regularly for lice, mites and other parasites- with extra feathers comes extra responsibility!

8 Interesting Features of the Silkie Chicken Breed

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what do baby silkies eating

If indeed your fluffy friends do get themselves all muddy a simple rinse and pat dry will do the trick! When chicks, do just the feet, not the whole body, as you don't want them to be chilled!

What should I feed my 5 month old silkies.

I just hope the elevated levels of calcium don't harm my birds.. So I went to the feed store yesterday and I bought a bag of layer food. My birds are show quality silkies, the girls have very flat combs, only my roaster has bumps on his comb.

what do baby silkies eating

If they have, you should definitely not offer any form of medicated feed. I have never ever heard of silkies laying that many eggs. We average about 80 to 90 eggs per year per bird. The best and least expensive place to buy it is your local feed store, but if you can't get there for any reason, you can buy online. An alternative is to make a chicken tractor out of recycled objects.

what do baby silkies eating

These usually contain oyster shells to supplement their calcium intake. I have found the commercial feed one purchases and feeds to chickens isn't adequate enough for silkies. When they start laying I will put some oyster shell in a dish which they can have free access to. I only have 5 silkies, so this food will last them at least 6 months.. Download Your Ebook Now Please wait. Not Helpful 10 Helpful 34.

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