What does doumeki egg do

There was never a clear plot ending and this shows that.

what does doumeki egg do

That aside, I think CLAMP got bored, ran out of interesting ideas, and wanted to screw with everyone over with hope that this isn't the end. Tokyo , Japan.

Shizuka Doumeki

And I am sticking by the theory fact! Finally the main problem: Doumeki also tends to care for Watanuki in anyway despite his emotionless face.

what does doumeki egg do

Reply Thread Expand. February 23, 2013 at 15: Just thinking about what that must have done to him brings tears to my eyes even now. The egg. Find my writing on AO3.

Any XXXHolic fans here? If so.....then the egg?

I really don't. May 2008 Posts: All in all the manga seemed to somber towards the ending, and though the people at Clamp say that Watanuki is happy in his decision, I and I'm sure other followers of xxxHolic am deeply saddened by it. She was technically dead till her wish time ran out.

what does doumeki egg do

I just read the one-shot Gate 7 chapter tonight. It wasn't an abrupt end, it was setting up for showing this.

Xxxholic questions? help please..?

So, I went back and reread the last chapter and while I would personally like to see more of Watanuki's work as shop master, the ending isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. Just say no...

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Eurius said: The switch happened between dream 1 and dream 2 chapter before this one and this one He said he would have to strain his powers , meaning it would take time to prepare.