What does pocket borough mean

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The Ballot Act of 1872 enacted a secret ballot, making vote bribery impractical as there is no way of knowing for certain how an individual has voted. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

what does pocket borough mean

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what does pocket borough mean

By the 19th century there were moves toward reform and this political movement was eventually successful, culminating in the Reform Act 1832, which disfranchised the 57 rotten boroughs and redistributed representation in Parliament to new major population centres. Read this Article. Khurana in his pocket borough Moti Nagar.

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A rotten, decayed, or pocket borough was a parliamentary borough or constituency in the United Kingdom that had a very small electorate and could be used by a patron to gain undue and unrepresentative influence within the Unreformed House of Commons. The Reform Act of 1832, the first of three major reform bills of the 19th century, stripped many old….

Select another language: Had they been encouraged to... View More. Constituency, basic electoral unit into which eligible electors are organized to elect representatives to a legislative or other public body. Uh Oh. Submit Definition.

Pocket borough

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what does pocket borough mean

George Spencer, writing to Algernon Sidney after the Bramber election in1679, says: These boroughs had often been assigned representation when they were large cities, but the borough boundaries were never updated as the town's population declined. English words that begin with po. He was there as part of a voting bloc. Need even more definitions?

pocket borough

Article History. Bramber was, formany years, a pocket borough ofthe worst type.

what does pocket borough mean

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what does pocket borough mean