What does the word sync mean

Looking for something? See also Bisync and synchronize. It also supports protected music files from subscription services. Please set a username for yourself.

what does the word sync mean

To match your phone's contacts to the contacts on your computer is an example of sync. For example, you might sync the address book stored on your computer with your cell phone to update the contacts.

To sync two computers means to set them to the same time of day or to copy the data from one computer to the other.

what does the word sync mean

Related Words for sync concur , jibe , correspond , harmonize , conform , coincide , accord , square , accompany , concert , acquiesce , tally , equal , eventuate , synchronize , befall , identify , agree , match , join.

In this manner, all client machines maintain all players' analysis data in sync. I hae na seen ye're bonny face these muckle years, sir, sync ye cam' back frae ae sight o' the young mistress.

Merges reactions push and sync need not occur each time a modification is made on a branch. Blog On the edge of my seat: See also synchronize.

what does the word sync mean

We commissioned a study to see if supply and demand are in sync. An automated testing framework helped ensure the two are in sync , with tests of compilation and execution that can be rerun automatically.

what does the word sync mean

Verb third-person singular simple present syncs, present participle synching or syncing, simple past and past participle synched or synced To synchronize. For example, you might be able to sync an iPod, Blackberry, and PDA using the same address book on your computer. Sentence Examples.

What does sync mean

If it is necessary to synchronize two devices, it may be said that it is necessary to get them in sync or to sync them up. Same songs etc. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

what does the word sync mean

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That would be a sync. It explains in computing terminology what Sync means and is one of many technical terms in the TechTerms dictionary. Such a position is out of sync with ethics' central concern with the voluntary. Considering only sync heads offer record as well as playback channels, it made the most of multi-track technology. Answered by Andrew A from Centreville Nov 14, 2013.

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