What is animal cruelty california

If convicted, you will be facing harsh punishment, including jail time, large fines, and having you pets removed from your home.

California Animal Abuse and Cruelty Laws

In order for a Los Angeles County prosecutor to obtain a conviction for animal abuse, they will have to be able to prove you maimed, mutilated, tortured, wounded, or killed a living animal, AND you acted maliciously.

Despite the best efforts of the man who found her, she passed away the next day at the animal hospital. Our law firm offers a free immediate response. In some cases, you might even be prohibited from owning an animal for ten years.

what is animal cruelty california

Their decision on how to file charges is typically based on the specific facts and circumstances and your prior criminal history.

During your absence, you leave your dog tied up in the back yard without access to food or water. Any effective legal defense strategy will first require a close review of all the specific details.

what is animal cruelty california

April 4, 2011, operative Oct. These potential legal defenses include:.

what is animal cruelty california

Cruelty to animals Share. If you are facing charges of any type of animal abuse or cruelty charges, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can use a variety of legal defenses on your behalf.

Be aware: Animal abuse and cruelty laws in California

In Los Angeles County, there are many common examples of situations where you could be charged with animal abuse. A person convicted of a violation of this section by causing or permitting an act of cruelty, as defined in Section 599b, shall be liable to the impounding officer for all costs of impoundment from the time of seizure to the time of proper disposition.

California has several Penal Code Sections that cover animal abuse and animal cruelty. If any person is charged with a violation of subdivision c , the proceedings shall be subject to Section 12157 of the Fish and Game Code. This subdivision shall not apply to cases involving police dogs or horses as described in Section 600.

what is animal cruelty california

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The conditions include hot or cold weather without proper ventilation, lack of food or water, or any other dangerous condition.