What is light chain multiple myeloma

Lahuerta, T. Stockerl-Goldstein, B. Below are the diagnostic criteria for 3 of the most common plasma cell disorders: The mainstay of treatment for hypercalcemia includes intravenous fluids with lasix, bisphosphonates, calcitonin injections and corticosteroids. Surgical procedures may be used to stabilize the worst areas, but non-surgical approaches have also been developed to stabilize the vertebrae, relieve pain, and prevent further compression.

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About Multiple Myeloma

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15.2. Monitoring light chain multiple myeloma

Schutgens, L. However, there are some cases of truly non-secretory myeloma where all myeloma protein tests are essentially normal.

what is light chain multiple myeloma

Zimmerman, C. Common infections are pneumococcal pneumonia, blood stream infections, and meningitis.

what is light chain multiple myeloma

In myeloma, all the abnormal plasma cells make the same antibody. An abnormal protein called amyloid is made by plasma cells.

Living With “Abnormal” Free Light Chain Ratios

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Multiple Myeloma and Light Chain Deposition Desease

Weber, D. Prognostic value of the sFLC response in light chain multiple myeloma. Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

what is light chain multiple myeloma

Extramedullaryplasmacytomas in the context of multiple myeloma. Meuleman, S. Deraedt, T.