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What makes a sailboat blue water

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what makes a sailboat blue water

Continues below…. Very few boats satisfy me on all the following questions:. Are we not defining the words 'Blue water boat'? Inside our 36ft catamaran, moored off Cooper Island in the BVI, the raw nature outside, just now settling down from a late...

The perfect boat: what makes an ideal offshore cruising yacht?

The Westsail 32 and 40 also fall in the categorie of offshore cruising boats, and there are several other production designs that do not immediately come to mind. These are the latest eight of many more used sailboats...

what makes a sailboat blue water

Wind power is a winner in the trades, while towed water generators are the most powerful of all, costing surprisingly little in terms of lost boat speed. There are two steel cruising boats here in Whangarei at the moment having large sections of the hull replaced because of rust In answer to your question about thickening an existing hull, dont even think about it. What makes for comfort in harbor often militates against it at sea.

S/V Southern Cross Ep.1 - What makes a True Bluewater Sailboat

I used to fly a lot of tailwheel airplanes and we always agreed that it was not if you had ground looped one but when.

How a deck-mounted dorade vent lets air but not water into the accommodation of a sailboat. Apr 2004 Location: Members List. Sufficient power to make our way motoring or motor-sailing when necessary, or to power up and get out of a tight spot.

What to Consider in a Bluewater Cruiser

I find high latitudes sailors tooled up with a great selection of 'shoot-to-kill' heavy duty yachts. And with the likelihood of mid-ocean assistance being practically non-existent, blue water sailboats and their crews must be self-sufficient and equipped for all emergencies. Ideally blue water sailboats will have double this capacity, split into two separate tanks so that if one tank gets contaminated the crew will still be OK. Use the genoa in light and moderate winds, then roll that sucker up and unfurl the staysail when the chips are down.

what makes a sailboat blue water

Boat Design. Discussion in ' Boat Design ' started by alex folen , Feb 5, 2009. Jan 2009 Posts: Comments Have your say about what you just read! How to Recognise a Sailing Fanatic...