What was really discovered on the moon

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what was really discovered on the moon

Explainer videos. You clearly missed the last two photographs.

what was really discovered on the moon

Sign the petition. Subscribe or Give a Gift. The moon is occupied by alien forces and theres buildings and structures in and around Tycho crater on the side facing the earth and Tikhomirov the side facing away from the earth and all over the moon. Two events re-ignited the water debate.

It's Official: Water Found on the Moon

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what was really discovered on the moon

Problem solved. This near-infrared color image shows a specular reflection, or sunglint, off of a hydrocarbon lake named Kivu Lacus on Saturn's moon Titan. By Ernie Mastroianni January 30, 2014 1: However, accounts from former military intelligence officials have claimed there is more on the dark side of the moon than NASA is letting on. While the likelihood of this report is very slim, the explanation given in the article was next to worthless.

According to NASA, Armstrong and Aldrin wandered the moon for three hours, conducting experiments and collecting moon rocks.

Following Clementine, the Lunar Prospector neutron detector found elevated amounts of hydrogen near both poles of the Moon, resulting in new interest about the possibilities for water on the Moon.

Who discovered water on the Moon?

Login to your Account X. And they were everywhere. Unlimited Ad-Free Streaming. Finding supposed alien spacecraft and structures in photos of the Moon is nothing new.

The spacecraft has photographed nearly the entire surface of the moon in sub-meter resolution. Subscription sign in. Herne Webber. The video of the V-shaped anomaly has drawn more than 1.

what was really discovered on the moon