Whats the latest apple iphone

whats the latest apple iphone

The camera is still fantastic, even if it doesn't have the dual-lens capabilities that are exclusive to the X and Plus, and you'll dig iOS 11 at this size more so than the even smaller iPhone SE. Best iPhone 2019: The iPhone X is as impressive as it is expensive, but if you really want the best iPhone today and don't want to wait for the iPhone XI , this is the one to get today.

iPhone XS, XR, XS Max: Apple's three new iPhones replace the iPhone X

It stands out with a variety of iPhone XR colors: First, we get it, you refuse to budge from the 4. The screen is also less impressive all round, thanks in large part to a lower contrast ratio. What's the difference? It remains popular due to its screen size, cheaper price and physical home button.

Best iPhone 2019: Appleā€™s latest and greatest iPhones compared

Its battery can easily make it through two days, and its diminutive size makes it perfect for one-handed use. In fact, this all-screen phone is pretty much the iPhone XS Max in last year's smaller form factor. This is Apple's way of testing people's willingness to splurge on a high-end phone.

whats the latest apple iphone

The iPhone 7 Plus also benefits from an improved 1080p display compared to the 6 Plus that sits at 5. Here, the cheaper iPhone XR shares the design and many of the same specs as the top-tier iPhones.

With their recent arrival, now is the best time to buy an iPhone but which one is the best for you?

whats the latest apple iphone

Apple has dabbled in cheaper iPhones before, with the iPhone SE and iPhone 5C , but their designs stood apart from the mainstream iPhones, and they didn't last. The iPhone XR preorders begin Oct.

whats the latest apple iphone

All editing happens in the Photos app through a slider. Our recommendations round out the top 10 iPhones you can buy yes, there's more than 10 , because buying the newest might not be your best option if you wanted to save money or don't want to worry about losing a cutting-edge phone. How much are you really willing to spend on a phone?

This was one of the first iPhones to lack a headphone jack, but it does come with a water-resistant design that means your phone is likely to survive the odd dip in the sink rather than just being frazzled right away.

Best iPhone 2019: which Apple phone is the best?

Read the iPhone SE review. It's cheaper, it's more colorful and it has a big 6.

whats the latest apple iphone

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