Where is erdricks tablet map

At any rate talk to king lorick, and he says, "The legends have proven true. Just explore the right-hand side of the cave and you should come across it easily. Go down to the southern continent, and visit Cantlin. Instead, head striaght down to the other exit. Magic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this nifty appendix I'll go over all of the nifty magic spells with you gentle reader. After listening to his story, you are now in control of your character.

Beyond that I write these FAQs you people like to read so much, this has been my 10th guide, and hopefully I shall become prolific soon. We're going now to find Erdrick's Token, so we can cross the rainbow bridge and fuck up the Dragon Lord!

Don't try to take things too quickly or you may regret it later: Get out of my FAQ!!!! So here is the map from SykoBadger's Faq, Enjoy: Castle Charlock Base Type: Fields in the early areas of the game, around places like Tantegel.

Dragon Warrior - Walkthrough

Now you will find yourself in the outer world. Anyway, now that you have visited here, it is time to go back to where we won't get killed. Forests - These are big clumps of trees. I heard it is not easily found.

Dragon Warrior – FAQ/Walkthrough

You should also buy the Full Plate Armor as soon as you can. Now let me talk about these keys for a second. With Erdrick's equipment in hand, you are now ready to face the Dragonlord? Everyone in the land was happy, as the hand of peace stretched through the full length of the Kingdom, to each of the 6 towns that were within the boundaries of the Kingdom. Yes No Hide. Speaking of Wicked things, how come this phrase hasn't caught on?