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Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.

Within a few years Mountain House was marketing more than 100 different products. Library," Los Angeles Times, August 13, 1987. I would definitely recommend them. If you are having difficulties with the application process, please click here. Supports completion of major projects and repairs with engineering and maintenance staff and manufacturing leadership. Whatever your food packaging needs, we can meet it. Check out this story on DemocratandChronicle. The plant, officials said, is expected to help provide freeze-drying services to customers in the Midwest and East Coast.

We are looking for driven, energetic individuals who want to join our team. Freeze-dried foods maintain their original shape and texture, unlike dehydrated foods, which shrink and shrivel due to high-temperature processing.

NASA supplied research and testing for the concept under a congressional mandate to improve nutrition for the elderly.

Oregon Freeze Dry Inc Company Profile

Through innovative research and product development, Oregon Freeze Dry will continue to lead the world in freeze-drying technology. General Mills also began adding Oregon Freeze Dry's berries to two new varieties of Cheerios cereal, including the popular Berry Burst version.

They have provided a steady flow of pre-qualified candidates many of which have been offered positions and have become members of our facility staff. User Contributions: Refrigeration Dept 28 days ago. Drawbacks to the process were that it used a lot of electricity and was relatively expensive. Freeze dried food items proved less prone to collapse, retained more flavor, and rehydrated more quickly than those dried by heat.

With about 98 percent of water removed, freeze-dried foods typically weighed 80 to 90 percent less than fresh. An Oregon-based supplier of freeze dried food aimed at the U. My experience with Nh3jobs is one of ease and with their process they did all the background work and forwarded me qualified candidates.

Public Comment: Zeneca Group was an equal partner in the venture until June 1999, when it was bought by Oregon Freeze Dry.