Whole school reward ideas

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Meaningful Reward Ideas

Awesome ideas — I'm so glad I read this post! Our students wear uniforms to school. They especially like the three penny koala and the space ship, but there are TONS of choices.

whole school reward ideas

And, sometimes we ask questions because we just want to know more! Sitemap Close Sitemap. Magic tricks are always good—teach them magic tricks.

Singleton Primary School : Whole school rewards system

After mastering the simple drawing they add their own creative background settings. Now, you are going to answer questions about what you read. They come up with high goals and inventive rewards that really motivate the class to do well.

whole school reward ideas

They go crazy for it! Notify me of new posts by email. When the jar is full we have a class marble jar party.

The Ultimate List of Rewards for High School Students!

We cannot give candy or food as a reward. Classroom Problem Solver Dr. Oh my goodness! Will be using the Decide Now app, much easier and less heartbreaking than class voting!

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whole school reward ideas