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But the 17-year-old youth was arrested and gave away information to the Gestapo about the rescuers and those they were sheltering and even helped in the hunt for them. Poland, Part 2, 865. What would I say to him? One day the police stopped them.

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Sometimes the child was successful in his mission and in one way or another obtained a loaf of bread from a kindly Pole, only to be attacked by another hungry child or even adult upon his return into the Ghetto. The total cost of the rescue operation was about 12 million kroner, of which the Jews paid about 7 million kroner, including a 750,000 kroner loan which the Jews had to repay after the war.

The Germans came to the building but went to the neighboring apartment, belonging to the Kaddishson family, by accident and began breaking down the door. Without disclosing the location of his own hideout, Berl set up a third meeting with the woman the next week. Institute for the Documentation of Nazi War Crimes, 1961 , 33. The door opened.

New York University Press, 1986 , 53. In Zwierzyniec, the Home Army tried and executed Ignacy Kulik and his wife, who accompanied the Germans during a round-up of Jews and pointed out Jewish houses.

A True Story Kedumim, Israel: For us, and the Jews who passed through our home, the greatest fear was that someone from the ghetto would betray. Once I even participated in an action to ransom him from the Jewish militia, which had seized him after he was denounced by another Jew in the ghetto.

Remember me. Stein and Day, 1979 , 101. A sergeant at the police station killed Wagman before the arrival of the German gendarmes. And they threw him over the wall in[to] the Jewish cemetery. There is no record of Jews displaying solidarity with or offering assistance to Gypsies, and it appears that most of the Gypsies in the Warsaw ghetto, who were beggars and forced to wear distinctive armbands, were rounded up and deported to the death camps in the summer of 1942.

Patterns of Cooperation Collaboration and Betrayal

When beaten, he revealed the previous address of his wife. The professor was taken away, but my mother was spared. What a shame, the worst disgrace The first is a Jew, and the second is too! Since the only female among the group, Ruzie, caught a cold with a heavy cough, she was invited to stay in their house until she was feeling better.

Eugenia Sawicki. I was now totally on my own, making the perilous journey …51 A Jewish youth who was thinking of jumping off the train headed for Majdanek turned to her cousin: In that way we set up a factory for false papers.

At one point he disappeared, and stayed away from the studio for a long time, until one day he came in with a clean-shaven head. In this study the author has compiled examples illustrating the various forms of cooperation, collaboration and betrayal that turned Jews into a source of danger for fellow Jews, and less often for Poles, and facilitated the machinery of the Holocaust.