Battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

Once you start shooting at them, there will be another wave to arrive from the platform above so, be careful.

battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

I'm not too much better, but if you take it really slow, the tank does regenerate eventually if you stay out of battle, and the are a few opportunities to get an antitank weapon or two before the fight. Head towards the parking garage and destroy all the enemies inside. Battlefield 4 Guide Multiplayer. If it gets damaged to the point it is on fire, pressing X will remove that condition and give you some health back.

Battlefield 4 Campaign Walkthrough - Singapore

Want to join? Please Log In to post. A moment later, there will be an explosion and a cutscene will start, which will finish this mission.

battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

Stick to the right side and use the cover. Then, start eliminating the approaching enemies. It can easily be one of the more frustrating maps if you are not careful of the enemy tanks.

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battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

You should have an allied Abrahams with you who will pop it. Hang back and let the enemy armor come to you.

battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

Thread is locked. Attack them but remember that the storm and strong wind will have influence on your accuracy. Get out of the boat and run to the ammo box.

battlefield 4 how to beat tank level

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