Bmw 130i engine ticking when hot

That annoying ticking is gone.

bmw 130i engine ticking when hot

Flzrider - my N54 135i makes the exact same noise and it starts and stops independent of engine revs, I'd be interested to find out what is causing it. Email Required, but never shown.

Automatic transmission fluid ATF is highly detergent and works to clean the engine inside, but at a slower rate than engine flush. I have been trying to find my BMW on car fax to buy it back. They should not make any noises like that. Glad to help! Mine has done it regularly since I bought it 4 years and 58k miles ago now on 111k miles and it's still sweet as a nut once warmed through and pulls like a train.

bmw 130i engine ticking when hot

I bought a new 123d in 2008 but replaced it with a Z4C last year with the N52 3 litre engine - all I can think of now is why didn't I test drive a 130i! Next, if the customer pushes hard enough, BMW will replace all the lifters in the cylinder head. Forum

Streetcred says: Lastly, if a customer continues to pursue the problem, BMW might replace the entire cylinder head with one of a new design. Bring the engine up to an operating speed no load of 2000-3000 rpm and maintain this condition for three minutes bleeding procedure.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Jun 2010 Location: Marcelo Costa says: When I had a sticking lifter in my 5.

bmw 130i engine ticking when hot

They replaced 4 of them dealer based it on their serial numbers and determined if they were from said batch. For the valves to become noisy...

Mr Tidy 7,430 posts 65 months. Test drove a 55 plate 130 this morning, 89k, in really good nick externally and internally, drove perfectly, but there were a couple of other concerns popped up on the test drive.

bmw 130i engine ticking when hot

I thought this a bit strange. Is anyone else experiencing the same noise? Remember, this topic is only discussing lifters that tick intermittently.