Guarana seeds how to survive a tornado

She stocks different types of seeds waiting for you to trade and grow and use in recipes. Again, the bugs you need are obtained by getting the perfect score.

guarana seeds how to survive a tornado

Tap on that, though it is a bit tricky. You can dig around as well to grab a piece of flint and another stone throughout the island, and you'll get another template for an axehead.

Walkthrough - Guide for The Sims 2: Castaway

Once in the water, slooowly drag it over to the fish, and a thought bubble with a question mark will appear over it. Head to the next screen and you'll see a fallen trunk. Gameplay --------------- The gameplay in The Sims 2: Go back to the area where your shelter is.

guarana seeds how to survive a tornado

Oh, joy. Well, we need to change that. Weeder or digging around. Never mind that much. The gnarled wood is very useful for an easel later on where you paint with crushed beetles. Well, it's time to chop it down. This time, you'll see a third item come up: Feed your poor Sim and they'll have restored around 50 pts of your hunger.

Plant and water them. Take the chillies back to Chef Butcher and he'll rejoice and eat them.

guarana seeds how to survive a tornado

Swim in the lake, and dive around for fun if you like. Offer help again and this time he'll complain about the food being too bland.