How to be the best lacrosse goalie

how to be the best lacrosse goalie

YouTube has a wealth of free instructional videos dedicated to lacrosse goalies. To play well and improve, a goalie must enjoy the game and also have fun. It trains you to react to the ball and not to guess, which will make you a more consistent goalie.

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Passing is one of the essential techniques in lacrosse so make sure you practice frequently. Keep your off hand near the bottom of the shaft.

how to be the best lacrosse goalie

It is the wise coach who recognizes the goalie as the most important player on the field; practical reasons are plentiful: Communicating on D: Hopefully, your teammates are supporting you and going crazy each time you make a save. With your unique position on the field, you see things that other defenders as the goalie is the only player on the field constantly facing the ball.

In addition to being fun, have a look at all the life skills you get out of the creator's game. Lacrosse is a beautiful game and it should be fun. If you have to think about the save movement, it will slow down your reaction time.

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Yes No. For anyone who's never played goalie, its hard to understand the level of mental focus and concentration that's required.

how to be the best lacrosse goalie

Practice makes perfect. Even years after I stopped playing lacrosse when I would mention that I was a lax goalie in conversation with another lacrosse player, there was instant respect.

how to be the best lacrosse goalie

I think this level of respect starts with the coach. This drill trains you to be focused on one thing and one thing alone: We all have to start somewhere. My basic tips for rookie goalies are 1 Get the right gear 2 Get the right stance 3 Study the basics of save technique 4 Drills 5 Shots. The Lacrosse Goalie Gear Guide: Okay, first things first: