How to cut a pumpkin stem

how to cut a pumpkin stem

Variety 13 minutes ago. Shave the pumpkin skin rather than carving to give the pumpkin an eerie glow when lit.

How to carve a pumpkin like a pro

Video 01: Insert the point of the knife at an angle. Check out this article for more information about baking with pumpkins for pies, soups, and other dishes.

Did this summary help you? Routinely mist the pumpkin while you have it on display to keep it hydrated. Next, cut the pumpkin straight down the middle with a sharp knife.

Pumpkin carving tips: Everything you need to know to have the best jack-o-lantern ever

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how to cut a pumpkin stem

Pull the lid off by the stem. Remember that you want the lid to sit comfortably on the top of the pumpkin, and not fall in. Experiment with different tools to achieve the desired look. Carve a hole into the bottom of your pumpkin, not only will this help the pumpkin sit flat, but you can also use this to insert your candle into the pumpkin.

how to cut a pumpkin stem

Star Tribune Recommends. Use an appropriate knife.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

Paring knives should be your go-to for carving the design, as they can do the intricate carving work better than your serrated knife.

Pick up an ice-cream scoop for removing the seeds.

how to cut a pumpkin stem

Tips Make sure your knife is sharp enough. Rub salad or vegetable oil on your pumpkin to make it look extra glossy.