How to get 80s crimped hair pony

Dividing your hair into small pieces, use a crimping iron selectively on some sections. And you can't even see the crimp, trust.

Crimped hair: This popular ’80s hair trend is back but not as you know it!

Those with board-straight hair should leave the curlers in overnight for best results. Secure with a wide elastic.

how to get 80s crimped hair pony

Do you dare to go where no one else does with your hair? For added texture, wrap haphazard strips of hair around a micro-mini curling wand that will pull you closer to a Madonna-inspired coif.

how to get 80s crimped hair pony

Well mullets will continue to be seen here and there, rat tails and scrunchies are best left in the 80s. Now tease the lower layers of your hair, especially behind the pompadour section, and use a texturizing spray to boost volume. Tanner style. The Mullet.

80s Hairstyles That Should Stay In The 80s

The side pony had a few different incarnations, depending on where you placed it on your head. How to curl your hair 4 different ways. The headband.

how to get 80s crimped hair pony

How to make windswept hair work for you this winter. A Dewy Finish. After unraveling each strand, spritz once again to ensure longevity of the style. This finishing spray will keep flyaways at bay, provide you with heat protection and leave your locks looking super glossy. Undone and unkept, this style should really stop and never start up again.

how to get 80s crimped hair pony

Beat the Heat. Getty Images. Simply copy and paste the code below and you can share this infographic on your site:. It's time to get to grips with the crimp.

How to Get '80s Hair Without a Perm

Be sure to use a heat protect spray before you apply any heat to your strands. Type keyword s to search.

how to get 80s crimped hair pony

Anna Sui. Mullets should stay in the 80s but surprisingly enough, you still see this look today. Now use a curling iron to add waves. The technique that creates perfect curls. All Rights Reserved.