How to groom your horse properly

how to groom your horse properly

Help answer questions Learn more. If the horse appears sensitive to the stiff-bristled brush around the head or lower legs, you should switch to the soft brush. You may use one on any wet horse - whether from bathing or sweat. Although the outside is made of hard horn, the inside is quite soft and delicate in places.

how to groom your horse properly

Begin using the rubber curry comb in small about the size of your palm circular motions to loosen excess dirt and mud. The presentation of the horse is every bit as important as the performance.

Grooming: The Importance of an Effective Routine

Use different brushes, sponges, and cloths for each horse if you are grooming multiple horses. Pick your horse's hooves.

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how to groom your horse properly

When you are standing near the rear of a horse in an area that you could be kicked - and this is including in the rear belly area of a horse - stand as close to possible to the horse. If it is summer or hot out, you may want to spray the horse with fly spray. Start at the neck and work towards the tail.

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How to Groom Your Horse

Finish up your body-grooming by brushing down the entire body, including sensitive areas like the face and legs. Shop our Grooming Supplies Now! Eye infections need to be treated promptly. If your horse has dried mud on their coat, try using a shedding blade to get the mud off.

how to groom your horse properly

If this happens, consult an experienced horse trainer to help the horse accept your touch in sensitive areas. Click here to share your story. Sharable on: Turn a sweaty saddle horse out into a pen after hard use and what is the first thing that horse will do?