How to make romeritos mexicanos

Romeritos is a traditional Mexican dish typical of southern Mexico and served during the Christmas season.

how to make romeritos mexicanos

Recipe Romeritos in Revoltijo 0 Comments. Some quelites can be eaten raw, while others, like romeritos, are always cooked.

how to make romeritos mexicanos

But because they hold a special place in both the feast and daily foods of Navidad Christmas and Cuaresma Lent , romeritos cross socio-economic lines by appearing on the tables of the rich and the poor. Connect with your user and interact with us: It's time to add mole, I usually use to kind of mole, black and with almond, because I'd like the mix of flavors.

In a large skillet over medium heat cook the sauce for 10 minutes.

How to Cook Romeritos With Mole

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how to make romeritos mexicanos

Jean Taza. Boil in water with salt and drain them once cooked.

What Are Romeritos? See Recipe For Delicious Mexican Holiday Dish All Will Enjoy [VIDEO]

The dish also consists of dried shrimp and potatoes all contained within a mole sauce. Kind of food. Website Use Policies.

how to make romeritos mexicanos

Serve plain, in mole, or in any Mexican cooking sauce. Strain the sauce and reserve. Be sure to perfectly wash it because the ground can really ruin the taste of this dish.

Romeritos for Christmas

Beat egg until stiff and mix with shrimp powder. Leftover revoltijo can be refrigerated and reheated, although the potatoes and shrimp will most likely take on a somewhat unattractive dark color from sitting in the mole sauce. Print recipe for: The name and surname you capture will be visible along with your recipes and comments on the site.

how to make romeritos mexicanos

When mole and tomato sauce it's mix it's time to add chocolate. Like us and Follow us. Jhoana Arzat River. Log in: