How to obtain a c1 driving licence

I also found this article from late last year that says the same — http: To carry out this process you will require the following:. Our plan is to move to Colombia in the near to medium term when I would like to be able to drive. I was following your instructions to the letter ,- the system has changed and everyone must attend the school now no exceptions Just saying — rules changed in December. Thank you.

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You may also be automatically entitled to lower categories if you pass a higher category driving test. I hope this clarifies…. Best, Leo.

how to obtain a c1 driving licence

If you are Colombian on the other hand and have a Colombian license, you can easily get a US license in most states by simply taking a written test in Spanish and a short driving skills test. C1 after 1998 is only valid until you are 45, then you have to take a medical every five years to keep it pre 98 you have it until you are 70. It takes about 10 business days for that.

Any idea how to apply for a Colombian IDP now that you have your license? The fourth step was a simple medical exam by a doctor who asked some questions. Before going to the CRC for the medical exam I had to stop at a notary. I already have a cedula de extranjeria in Colombia because I visit frequently with my Colombian wife.

But we have been calling different driving schools for this and they all say there is a new resolution that came out on May 5th this year that says any person getting the drivers license for the first time in Colombia requires to go through the 20 hours driving classes in order to get it.

Adding higher categories to your driving licence

I passed the written test and medical exam on January 20. So it would be irresponsible for me to write anything differently.

how to obtain a c1 driving licence

If you pass your test for a larger vehicle category, any corresponding lower categories will be upgraded from provisional to full entitlement. The expiration in states in the US is typically in four to eight years.

how to obtain a c1 driving licence

Anyone know? You can automatically gain provisional entitlements in a higher category provided you have passed a driving test in category B, this is known as 'staging'. DarrenL Original Poster 459 posts 113 months. C1 Licence The C1 driving licence allows people to drive vehicles up to 7. Any input you have would be much appreciated.