How to orthodontic braces work

How do Braces Really Work? (The Science Behind Orthodontics)

Free Invisalign Consultation. Once your teeth move to the right spot, we hold your teeth in place while the bone tissue around your teeth and jaws changes.

how to orthodontic braces work

You can achieve a breathtaking smile with just a little time and effort, and knowing more about how braces move teeth can help you in the process. Call Hatboro.

How Braces Work

No matter your age, profession, or even current confidence level, braces can improve your life in a variety of ways. Our patients love these pieces because they come in an endless variety of colors!

how to orthodontic braces work

In this post, we're answering some of the most common questions surrounding how braces work. Patient's first visit? Another popular option is also to use ligatures, tiny elastic bands to attach the arch wires to the brackets.

How Braces Work in Five Simple Steps

Call Philadelphia. Ties or small rubber rings are also used to attach the arch wire to the brackets.

how to orthodontic braces work

From this mold, they will make a cast, so they can plan how each tooth needs to be moved, in order to get it in the best possible position, and can then decide how to place the brackets. As your teeth are bone, the two "prong-like" portions of your teeth are fittingly called the Alveolar Bones.

how to orthodontic braces work

Handling the Pressure The nature of the pressure applied to that periodontal membrane becomes important. Arch wire: The cold temperatures and snow and ice that comes with winter tends... Your child may only need small adjustments with a few components over several months, or they may require several years and styles of treatment.

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how to orthodontic braces work

The tooth slowly moves into the correct position as pressure is put on the tooth and the bone of the tooth and the jaw remodel.

You also know why those extra three years orthodontists spend in training are important in helping to ensure your teeth and jaw are adjusted correctly.