How to wear ghagra choli dupatta

While there are some standard drapes that everybody knows- we compiled the mother of all draping styles in one post! Take a corner of the dupatta from the back side and bring it to the front around your waist. Another casual drape style is to keep the dupatta open and let it drape freely across the front over the shoulders.

how to wear ghagra choli dupatta

This style is catching up in India at a good pace. There are also many different varieties of colors. Know your problem areas as well as your positive ones. Dresses and Skirts Indian Fashion In other languages: Comment below! Warnings Be sure to tie the ghagra choli properly, not too tightly or loosely.

30 Dupatta Draping Styles to Drape Your Way to Gorgeousness !

Highly common amongst the brides off recently. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Drape 10: Pleat the dupatta and secure with pin onto your left shoulder for a cocktail style. The bride may drape the same dupatta across her head or take another dupatta with heavy lacework on her head.

how to wear ghagra choli dupatta

Can't get enough of one dupatta? The oldest, traditional yet most favorite draping style for all!

12 Styles to drape Dupatta on your Wedding

Drape 24: More Inspiration on Instagram wedmegood follow. Choose a matted foundation as there may be lots of flash photography.

how to wear ghagra choli dupatta

The bride has her dupatta draped over her head, pleated from the end and draped over her wrist. Looks great when styled with extremely heavy lehengas, as it keeps you pretty much sorted for the wedding ceremonies. This style is most popular with the Pakistan brides.

how to wear ghagra choli dupatta

You may also need help from another person to accurately drape the dupatta. Allow it to fall around your knee.

This style goes the best when you are wearing a very prominent Maang tikka over your head. Skip to content LooksGud Search for: Layering materials will support your figure. Looks the best if you want to wear a monotone lehenga for your wedding, as there'll be no second dupatta for a stark contrast!

Single dupatta draped like a saree with waistbelt and wrapped at the bottom Image via Pinterest To the phase when you want to drape a saree without really draping a saree, this dupatta style gives you a saree look while eliminating the tedious pleats making process!