Krafty glass blocks wholesale

This is a heavy item.

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Pom Pom Branch. Lovely glass block "present" with frosted sides so you don't see the wires within. We also accept Cashier's Checks and Bank Wire...

krafty glass blocks wholesale

Floral Nylon Wind Spinners. Oval Tin Bucket with Chalkboard Label. Craft Rustic Shutter Communication Center.

krafty glass blocks wholesale

Arrange embellishments on the paper, keeping in mind that they will eventually be covered temporarily. This is a unique house decoration that will add a special touch to your holiday season. Christmas Winter Decoration. Decorative Lighted Glass Blocks are perfect for all occasions.

We are as BIG as your Imagination!

A coordinating ribbon or trim will surround the outside edges of the block. Krafy Blok Banks are a positive way to engage kids in saving money and working towards a goal, whether it is saving for a bicycle, college, or special toy.

Adorn the glass block with decorations, stones, or colored gems. Add to Wishlist. Mercury-Like Round Candle Holder.

Crafting and Decorative Art Glass Block

Floral Metal Rolling Pot Holder. Materials Needed: You may want to leave space for a photograph or keepsake. Christmas will be more enchanting with these unique glass blocks lighting up your porch, table, den, or any other room.

Sunflower Stems.

Craft Range

All lighted glass blocks include two 2 spare bulbs, one 1 blinking bulb, and one 1 extra... Christmas will be more enchanting with these unique g...

krafty glass blocks wholesale

Craft Brites Mini Lights 100 Count. If adding ribbon to the edge, use a hot glue gun and wrap the ribbon around the block, gluing it down in small segments.