Mir 26b 45mm is how many inches

Mir-26 45 mm f/ 3.5 Lens

History brushed away.. Mind you, Russian glass is a lot of fun too but I was hoping for Zeiss, not Mir. He provided test charts that could be printed and arranged on a presentation board to serve as a test target. Carl Zeiss Jena continued to produce lenses, and the two companies warred over who would be able to use the Carl Zeiss label.

The 65mm Flektogons. A great illustration of why I love film and more so love 6x6 format!

mir 26b 45mm is how many inches

The 45mm Mir-26 variants and the 50mm Flektogons were compared with 50mm Distagons as a group. The groups include:.

mir 26b 45mm is how many inches

Abandoned barn Kiev 88cm by Jonas Nilsson. I've read 5ml is the minimum qty for R so today's brew was -. The focus barrel on mine is stiff until the 2. It was time to turn over the cards.

mir 26b 45mm is how many inches

Figure 3. Thus, there is little that can be drawn that would satisfy statisticians. Get Pro. In the last two pages, we will look into the Sonnar issue and also look at vignetting. The first was to specifically, and as objectively and quantitatively as possible, evaluate the performance of the lenses using a formal testing method.

Mir-26b 45mm f/3.5

The real targets were crisp and resolvable down to Group 6, where the white bar was 0. If the variability falls mostly outside the range of another class, then we can reasonably conclude that our samples reveal a difference.

Happy to ship worldwide. Then came the task of stripping all the transparencies and marking them as to their source lens so that the images could be matched to the database, and the much more tedious task of looking at each image under 30 and 100-power microscopes to evaluate the test charts. Against all odds by Alfred ter Wal.

mir 26b 45mm is how many inches

The chart was placed in full sun, and this proved to be a problem.